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Guns N Poses

Create A Healthy Lifestyle That Is Sustainable

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Hi, I'm Kandee

Certified Fitness Trainer & Personal Coach

I have been passionate about fitness and athletic competition my whole life. Even after graduating with a degree in Accounting and becoming a CPA, I found myself still immersed in health and fitness. I spent many weekends attending trainings and certifications, in my quest to learn anything and everything “fitness”. After years of climbing the corporate ladder, I took a leap of faith and left the security of a career I had built for 10 years to find a position, where I could spend even more time sharing my love of fitness & health with others. 

The Ultimate Method To Change Your Life

We believe the best results happen from the inside out.  A solid program of weight training and tracking macros gets you a long way. Incorporating yoga transforms you from the inside out with a strong, flexible and balanced body and mind.

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Our Philosophies

Our Plans


Team Training

Looking for a well-rounded training program? This monthly plan is for you!



Group Training

Looking for a well-rounded training program + accountability? This monthly plan is for you!


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VIP Training

Looking for a personalized program designed specifically for you? This monthly plan is for you!


Plans & Pricing
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Why Guns N Poses?

Train and track with our revolutionary online training app.

We will customize your unique program including workouts and nutritional needs. 

Suitable for All Fitness Levels









Professional Trainer

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